Three.js Dungeon Prototype

To play around with Three.js, I created this small prototype implementing a variety of random generation techniques and taking advantage of three.js' powerful 3D lighting and shadow features.

C++ AI Prototype

During my third year of university, we were required to make a game prototype to demonstrate various AI techniques. For my project I decided to create an endless dungeon crawler which used a state machine to determine how various enemies should behave as well as Breadth First Search for their path finding.

Endless Sanctuary

For my university’s annual summer show, I wanted to make my own game which would be more fun and easy for visitors to play. The game I set out to make was a combination of the all the work I had done during my third year at university. It would be a 3D dungeon crawler written with Java and OpenGl.

Agricultural Revolution Mod

The Agricultural Revolution is a mod primarily focusing on giving the player a wider variety of food stuffs, and some additional cooking appliances for processing these new foods to make them more beneficial to the player.

Bad Humour Two

During my third year of university, we were also required to make final year project by ourselves to demonstrate our knowledge. For my project I choose to remake a game from my second year but in 3D using java and OpenGl. The game was designed to demonstrate my knowledge of OpenGl and GLSL graphics programming.

Group Project

In my final year of university we were all required to work on one project together as a team along with the modellers and animators from other courses. The game was to be a first person shooter featuring a variety of levels.

Platformer Prototype

Over the summer between my second and third years of university, I created a prototype of a 3D platformer game. The game featured a dynamic octree based ray trace collision system to calculate collision for the player and other objects in game.

Bad Humour

The second game to demonstrate our controller was a 2D top down bullet hell game written in C# and XNA game studio.


To demonstrate the controller, we created two games, the first was a java and OpenGL god game. This was one of my first proper forays into 3D game development and likewise my first foray into GLSL shaders for phong per pixel lighting with specular lighting.

PC Power Pad Pro

During my second year of university we were tasked with creating a project for our digital toy design module. Partnered with a modeller I worked with in the first year, we designed and built the pc power pad pro, an Arduino based controller for the pc.

Fighting Through Time

Fighting Through Time is a 3D android game written in java that was made for our second year module "Game Portfolio Two". For this project i worked with two artists.

Random generation Prototype

This is a test I made for randomly generated terrain. It uses the time as a seed and then randomly places trees, grass and water.

Seline the Ghostbuster

Seline the ghostbuster is a java script game using html5 canvas made for university. We were given a theme of ghosts for our project, and I choose to make a game where you survive against waves of ghosts until the timer runs out.

Project Enigma

This is my first university game, it is a bullet dodging 2d game. It has a varying difficulty and also has a two player mode. It was programmed by me with C#, and the sprites were made by my modeller Michal.